About the ISHS and l’OH

The International Society for Humor Studies

The International Society for Humor Studies (ISHS) is a scholarly and professional organization dedicated to the advancement of humor research. Many of the Society’s members are university and college professors in the Arts and Humanities, Biological and Social Sciences, and Education.  The Society also includes professionals in the fields of counseling, management, nursing, journalism, and theater.  All of our members are interested in humor’s many facets, including its role in business, entertainment, and health care as well as how humor varies according to culture, age, gender, purpose, and context.

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Conference Organizers:

The primary conference organizer is UQAM Professor Jean-Marie Laforturne, with the help of Christelle Paré, Post Doctorate Fellow at the Centre for Comedy Studies Research (Brunel University London) and ISHS member.  Professor Elias Rizkallah assists the group. François Brouard, Professor at Carleton University and Lucie Joubert, Professor at Ottawa University, are also part of the organizing committee. The organizers are supported by Louise Richer, l’École nationale de l’humour and all members of the Observatoire de l’humour.

All members of the organizing committee are happy to welcome you in the name of the Observatoire de l’humour.

L’Observatoire de l’humour – Réseau in(ter)disciplinaire sur le rire et l’humour

Our mission:

  • To promote Francophone Humor Studies research – all disciplines;
  • To build bridges between academics and practitioners;
  • To encourage and develop humor research in order to better understand its place and function in society.

We have been quite busy since our first meeting in 2011. After our inaugural conference in 2012 (Humor as a Mirror of Society), we successfully organized another conference in 2013, published one edited book (another one is forthcoming) and signed an agreement with the National Archives. Naturally, hosting the ISHS Conference was the next thing to do.

If you wish to contact us, do not hesitate : pare.christelle@uqam.ca

You can also reach at Christelle Pare : christelle.pare@brunel.ac.uk

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